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The inkjet printer allows the meat on your table to be traced

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-06

Remember the 'zombie meat' in the news reports in previous years? After reading the report, the author dared not eat meat for more than a month and almost became a vegetarian. I guess

I am not the only person like this. In the past, life was not so valued, and the material supply department was so abundant. Most of them were self-sufficient. The food was grown by themselves, and the poultry was raised by themselves. Watching them Growing up and becoming more mature, I can rest assured that I can eat 10,000 in my stomach. The current situation is different. The economy is developing rapidly, and people’s living standards have been greatly improved. The food varieties are also rich and varied, and there is no need to personally consume the ingredients. They are basically purchased directly from shopping malls and supermarkets. For

Yes, we have time and energy to experience a different life. However, what follows is food safety. In today's society, the food problem is becoming more and more serious, as can be seen from the 'zombie

meat' incident. If we can see the growth of food with our own eyes as we did in the past, won't many food safety problems be well resolved

? The answer is yes. For meat products that are essential to our public dining tables, mature cij printers and advanced Internet technology can solve the problems of safety and ease of use.

Whether it is chicken, duck, fish or pork, beef, lamb, etc., the state of these meat foods is often presented in the form of processed finished products. Consumers

It is impossible to distinguish between good and bad quality with the naked eye. You can trace the origin with the help of the identification code printed by the coding printer. The entire process from birth to maturity needs to be recorded in detail, and the unique identification code is used for query and supervision, so that consumers can 'see' all its breeding through the identification code As well as the production process, the quality of meat products is guaranteed to the greatest extent

Now most farms have applied cij printers. On the one hand, production companies can inquire about product sales in time Circumstances, while providing a guarantee for product quality, it has also shaped the brand image. On the other hand, consumers can quickly learn about food information and provide a basis for buying with confidence.

, international brand, high-end quality, you can choose with confidence.

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