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The inkjet printer is applied to the gift box

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-10
What aspects should be considered when purchasing a gift box packaging inkjet printer? The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in our country. When the Spring Festival is approaching, there are many customs such as sweeping dust, sticking Spring Festival couplets, explosion-proof bamboo, and celebrating the New Year. Speaking of New Year's greetings, it is a way for people to bring gifts prepared before the Spring Festival to the homes of relatives and friends to congratulate the coming year. The gifts that carry people’s best wishes are therefore the top priority of people in the purchase process. Therefore, in response to the consumer demand for gift box products during the Spring Festival, manufacturers changed all the packaging of previous products, focusing on gift box packaging, thereby formulating a new sales strategy. In this process, the gift box logo is also known as the key issue of the enterprise's attention. The application of the inkjet printer makes the gift box packaging identification easier. The purchase of gift box cij printers can be emphatically considered from the following two aspects. manufacturers will share with you the issues that need to be considered when purchasing gift box inkjet printers. Gift boxes are divided according to packaging materials, including paper products, plastic products, metal, bamboo and wood packaging, glass containers, and composite materials. Depending on the material of the gift box, the model of the gift box cij printer used is also different. For materials such as paper products, metal, bamboo and wood, the use of high-resolution inkjet printers can easily solve the marking problem. Because these materials generally have a certain degree of adsorption, high-resolution cij printers have clear markings, good printing effects, support a variety of fonts, and can also identify patterns, two-dimensional codes and other information. If the gift box is made of plastic products or glass containers or composite materials, you can consider using small-character inkjet printers. These materials have poor adsorption properties. Using small-character inkjet printer logos can make the inkjet dry instantly. Production volume of gift box products. If the number of gift boxes is limited, then it is recommended to buy a portable printer. Portable inkjet printers are also called hand-held inkjet printers, cij printers that can code manually. The handheld cij printer has the characteristics of flexible operation, convenient use, and all-round and multi-angle marking. It is suitable for production enterprises with small production volume.
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