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The inkjet printer manufacturer teaches you how to properly clean the inkjet printer nozzle

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-01

What are the steps to properly clean the nozzle of the printer? The cij printer manufacturer will introduce to you: 1. Remove the nozzle cover. 2. Clean the nozzle to ensure that the nozzle of the printer is clean. 3. Flip the nozzle vertically, wrap the part connected to the nozzle tube with absorbent material, and hold the nozzle. 4. Press [Enter] to start the nozzle cleaning operation. 5. At this point, the status line of the screen displays 'The printer is cleaning the nozzles', and the cleaning times are counted.

6. Spray a small amount of thinner on the inverted nozzle. You can see that the diluent sprayed on the nozzle surface is sucked in by the nozzle hole and flows back into the ink system. 7. Repeatedly spraying the thinner onto the printer nozzle until the thinner is no longer being sucked in. 8. If the nozzle cleaning procedure is performed 3 times at a time, it can be repeated up to 10 times. Start spraying as much as possible after each wash. If the nozzles are not clogged after 10 washes, the nozzles need to be replaced. After cleaning, wait a few minutes for the nozzle to dry. Do not wipe the nozzle of the printer with a cloth or paper towel, as the fibers of the cloth or paper towel will remain on the surface of the nozzle and affect the printing of ink droplets. Take special care that there is no residual diluent between the nozzle and the charging electrode. If available, turn the wash bottle upside down and dry the diluent between the nozzle and the charging electrode.

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