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The inkjet printer manufacturer tells you how much is a large character inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-02
Large-character inkjet printers have obvious advantages. Compared with small-character inkjet printers, the nozzles of large inkjet printers are not easy to block. Large-character cij printers can be divided into two categories. One is used for marking on the assembly line. Large-character inkjet printers, and a portable handheld inkjet printer, are mostly used outdoors. Perhaps the product itself is large, heavy, and inconvenient to move objects for marking, so how much does a large-character inkjet printer cost? The inkjet printer manufacturer briefly introduces: How much does a large character cij printer cost? 1. First of all, you must know the requirements for the inkjet printer. The types of inkjet printers are very finely divided. 2. The price of inkjet printers mainly ranges from different types of inkjet printers: Handheld inkjet printer: domestic 6000~15000 imported 20000 or more; high resolution inkjet printer: 12000~35000; small character inkjet printer: domestic : 18000~28000 import more than 30000;

Large character inkjet printer: more than 18000.

Advantages of large-character inkjet printers 1. Large-character cij printers can print larger logos, barcodes, and QR codes. The products printed with this font are more eye-catching, which can effectively highlight the content of the printing, and the printing is exquisite, which can effectively add points to the product and corporate image. 2. The large-character inkjet printer has a higher resolution, which can reach 300dpi, so the logo/barcode QR code printed by the inkjet printer has a higher resolution. 3. It can print multiple lines of information. The large-character inkjet printer mainly prints the production date. The large-character inkjet printer effectively reduces manual errors through a fast and efficient production line. The size of the printed characters is more than 18mm, which is called a large character inkjet printer. Large character inkjet printers are widely used in cartons, plates, etc., and are distributed in food, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.
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