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The inkjet printer manufacturer will show you how much a thermal foaming inkjet printer cost?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-02

With the application of two-dimensional codes and barcodes becoming more and more extensive, thermal foaming inkjet printers (also called high-resolution inkjet printers) have gradually entered industrial production and have become a new mainstream equipment. It is also very high. Thanks to the low price of thermal foaming inkjet printers, how much does a thermal foaming inkjet printer cost? Today, technology will help you to sort out and analyze from the perspective of price, and hope to give you a reference value.

The single-head printing height of the thermal foaming cij printer is 12.7mm, and there are multiple nozzle selection functions. Online, dynamic and variable information Leadtech Coding work is realized on products, carton packaging, and outer packaging boxes. Compared with small character inkjet printers, the biggest advantage of thermal foam cij printers is that they can print content with a resolution of over 300DPI and high-definition characters comparable to print, especially for QR codes with read rate requirements. Or barcodes, thermal foaming cij printers can achieve a reading rate of more than 96%, so thermal foaming inkjet printers are often called two-dimensional code printers and barcode printers.

How much is the price of a thermal foaming inkjet printer (two-dimensional code printer)? This mainly depends on the height of the printing information content. Generally, the price of a single-head thermal foaming inkjet printer is 10,000 yuan. If there is a need for customization and multi-nozzle splicing is required, the price will also increase with the number of nozzles. Each additional nozzle will cost about 3,000 yuan.

On the whole, the thermal foaming inkjet printer has a very high cost performance and competitiveness, and has also become the preferred equipment for printing in many food daily chemical processing plants and printing and packaging plants.

The above is the analysis of the technology on 'how much is a thermal foaming inkjet printer'. If you have any questions about how to select the inkjet printer, please feel free to inquire.

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