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The lack of inkjet printer logo left a 'time bomb' for Beauty

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-16

It is the nature of women to love beauty, but in many places, among women who love beauty, there are not a few cases of mercury poisoning due to the use of whitening cosmetics

. It is these whitening and freckle-removing cosmetics that not only make the skin of beauty lovers whiter, but also silently provide users with potential safety hazards. Not

There are no cosmetics that lack the inkjet printer logo. If women do not pay attention to the cij printer logo on the package when buying, it is easy to leave a hidden danger to safety .

There are big differences in product quality and safety of different companies, and some have yet to be further verified; not only that, some companies even achieve a certain product efficacy

Add prohibited substances in violation of regulations. It is manifested in the packaging label: some companies have done very simple labeling of product components and content or directly conceal the description of the product’s ingredients

The person clearly indicates the harmful substances in it. Relevant management regulations such as 'Cosmetic Safety and Hygiene Standards' and 'Cosmetic Hygiene Standards. All of these invisibly promote the contempt of the quality and safety of cosmetics by enterprises, and lay a hidden danger to the safety of consumers.

To ensure the safe use of cosmetics, it is necessary to fully regulate the production behavior of cosmetics, focus on starting from the source, and conduct correct guidance in the consumption link.

One is to strengthen industry supervision. In view of the current situation that the safety risk management of cosmetics production is lagging and the implementation of quality standards is not uniform, relevant management regulations, product quality standards and safety evaluation systems shall be formulated and improved as soon as possible to regulate enterprises Mandatory provisions are made for production quality management behavior. At the same time, companies are required to clearly inform consumers of the product's ingredients and content when labeling the product's efficacy. The possible adverse reactions, precautions and usage methods that may be caused by the product should be specified in the product instructions in detail.

The second is to advocate industry self-discipline. The quality and safety of cosmetics is controlled by the enterprise and the first responsible person. As long as the enterprise puts responsibility first, honesty and strict self-regulation, the 'Safety and Hygiene of Cosmetics' Standards' and related regulatory requirements, resolutely resisting or controlling the use of prohibited and restricted substances can effectively ensure that consumers are free from health and safety hazards when using cosmetics.

The third is to guide consumption correctly. At present, online shopping and consumption in beauty establishments have become the hardest hit areas with frequent cosmetic problems. Consumers are advised to pay more attention and pay more attention to them

Some publicity activities and special introductions about the safe use of cosmetics organized and opened by functional departments, and have more safety knowledge and identification Common sense, as much as possible

Can reduce the health damage from cosmetics.

When purchasing cosmetics, you should carefully check the marking of the printer on the outer packaging of the cosmetics, such as the date of manufacture, and learn to judge whether the product is qualified, especially for

For cosmetics with special effects, be sure to check whether there is a license number for special-purpose cosmetics on the product packaging. On this basis, choose safe and reliable products based on your skin characteristics

or through skin tests. During use, it is not advisable to use several products at the same time. If you find any symptoms of discomfort, you should stop using it immediately, and seek medical attention in time.

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