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The laser engraving machine can engraving various metal and non-metal materials

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-23
The so-called the laser engraving machine using laser beams or transparent material in the material surface internal engraving mark for a long time. A laser beam on the material to produce the two kind of metamorphism, and special effects! When instant absorption laser material, will produce a physical or chemical reaction, thus carved marks or patterns or text! Therefore, it is also known as laser marking machine, laser engraving machine. The laser engraving machine is to use laser engraving need sculpture materials technology and equipment. Laser engraving machine is different from mechanical engraving machine and other traditional method of manual sculpture. Mechanical engraving machine using CNC machinery ( Such as high hardness of diamond and other very high hardness materials) Other low hardness objects carving. Can carve all kinds of nonmetal materials: used for garment accessories, medical packaging, wine packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, cut cloth, rubber products, shell plate, craft gifts, electronic parts, leather and other industries. Laser engraving can be all kinds of metal materials: suitable for electronic components, integrated circuits ( IC) , electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision equipment, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe, medical equipment and other industries. The laser engraving machine suitable materials include: ordinary metals and alloys ( Iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other metals) , rare metals and alloys ( Gold, silver and titanium) , metal oxide ( Can use all the metal oxide) , special surface treatment ( Phosphate, aluminum anodized) Plating surface,) , ABS material ( Electrical appliances shell, daily necessities) , printing ink, Transparent buttons, printing products) , epoxy resin ( Electronic components encapsulation, insulation) 。 Carved metal and all kinds of nonmetal materials. It is more suitable for some requirements for accuracy, product.
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