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The laser engraving machine in the application of mobile power supply and charger

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-22
Mobile phone charger shell usually require with LOGO and parameters. The traditional recognition method is ink coding. Ink for inkjet printers. Inkjet laser laser marking machine ink consumption and thinner, it will pollute the environment and injection. Identified by the password machine image text information easy to fade and fall, and used by criminals, resulting in a large number of fake and inferior products. Laser engraving machine basic principle is: the continuous laser beam of high energy laser generator, focusing on the laser effect on the printed material, the surface material melt, instant even vaporize, thus to control printing path. Laser irradiation to the material surface to form the required graphics. In addition to the application of mobile power supply and charger, the production of each phone still has a lot of laser engraving machining technology. It has obvious advantage in the mobile application, and application in the metal shell logo. Following from mark and other marks, metal anode marking ( Anodic alumina black process) QR code identification, plastic following logo, products. The advantages of using the laser carving machine is: good beam quality, the focal point, hyperfine marking, lasting marking and the height of the rubber seals. Mobile phone accessories laser laser engraving equipment is cold light source. Laser marking or laser cutting of the heated area is very small, won't produce heat effect. Most of the material can absorb the laser, so the application is wider. The laser carving machine has wide application range. In general, you can use the metal and nonmetal, such as metal of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, iron, silver, etc. Non-metallic still has a lot of wood products, bamboo products, leather, plastic, acrylic, etc.
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