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The laser engraving machine _ _ metal metal laser laser carving machine laser carving machine _ metal laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-24
Laser engraving machine, also known as the optical fiber laser marking machine. Every industry is called by the name is not the same. This is a special carved out of a machine for metal above. Through the metal laser marking machine, metal can be system into the content of the tag you want, so as to achieve the ideal effect. The most common of which are engraved on stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, alloy and other metal materials, as well as high density and high hardness of the material. In areas such as sheet metal industry, metal industry, metal material detailed, accurate and fast label is very necessary. 1. All kinds of metal can be used for laser marking, using range is wide, cheap, long service life. 2. Metal laser marking machine, marking speed, small energy consumption, simple operation, the use of laser marking machine operation cost is low, compared with the traditional processing methods, laser marking machine is especially suitable for the random graph labelling, its high accuracy and fast markup, one-time forming symbols, greatly widened the scope of its use. 3. Laser space control and time control is very good, the machining target of raw materials, shape, scale, and the environment of great, pipe production line or three-dimensional surface of the workpiece has good marking effect. 4. On the data of wide adaptability, durability data can be used for all kinds of metal, nonmetal and alloy, the symbol of good durability, using range is wide, the symbol is not easy to erase. 5. Metal laser engraving machine operation is simple, the staff just a short period of time of learning to learn how to use it carefully. Laser and China will train the buyer. Widely used to integrated circuit chips, hui electronics, computer accessories, industrial bearings, wall clock, sanitary ware, electronics and communication products, aerospace equipment, all kinds of car parts, electrical appliances, hardware, mold, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry jewelry, tobacco and military thing, and many other categories of graphics and text symbols, as well as mass production line homework.
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