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The laser marking machine for glass milk bottles has more advantages

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-16
There are currently two types of baby bottles on the market: glass baby bottles and plastic baby bottles. Today, the editor will briefly introduce to you the application of glass milk bottles in laser marking machines. If you use inkjet printing on the glass bottle with the manufacturer's LOGO, trademark, batch number, etc., the font icon will be erased or blurred with the use of time, or it may be dissolved when the bottle is cleaned in boiling water, and it will be given to you mothers. They cause a certain amount of trouble. The emergence of the laser marking machine marking method on the milk bottle quickly replaced the traditional ink jet coding method, and it has been widely used in the milk bottle market. Compared with the traditional ink method, the advantages of the laser marking machine for glass milk bottles are: 1. The laser marking does not add any substance and keeps the material of the glass milk bottle safe; 2. The laser marking font icon is clear, permanent and firm. It is wiped off; 3. The beam quality is good, and the focused spot is extremely small, which can realize ultra-fine marking. In addition, the laser marking machine can perform rapid marking on glass bottles of different shapes, and the use cost is low, no consumables are needed in the later stage, and the marking is environmentally friendly and beautiful.
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