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The laser marking machine for masks also shows its unique advantages

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-11

A sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus has made masks a necessity for people all over the world. However, for one of China's powerful manufacturing enterprises, the production capacity must be expected. With a large number of masks circulating in the market, there are also some disadvantages. Traders are motivated by interests to make fake masks to fish in troubled waters. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting work of masks has become very important. In the issue of anti-counterfeiting, marking is of course the most important screening object. At this time, laser anti-counterfeiting technology comes in handy. Special laser marking machine for masks It also shows unique advantages.

The laser marking machine can mark clear, obvious, odorless, and permanent marks on the surface of the mask. Due to the special material of the mask, the material of the meltblown cloth, if the traditional inkjet printing is used The imprint will be unclear, easy to disperse and appear as black spots, and it will not meet the standard of anti-counterfeiting EU certification.

So which laser marking machine can mark on the mask, the first choice is the UV laser marking machine. The surface of the meltblown cloth of the mask is thin and not suitable for thermal processing. The 355nm ultraviolet light source will not generate high temperature and will not cause damage. The light source has a small focusing spot, and the marking effect is not only clear, but also does not appear scattered ink and burrs. It can be said that it is better than the marking and.

Mask UV laser marking machine, can cooperate with assembly line, high degree of automation, no need for manual operation, automatic feeding/receiving, automatic flipping, automatic marking, etc. The fully automatic positioning makes the laser marking machine an important part of the mask assembly line, which greatly reduces the burden on enterprises and promotes production efficiency.

The mask laser marking machine can operate continuously 24 hours a day, combined with the mask assembly line for production and automatic marking. Most of the marks on the mask such as production date, breathing valve, packaging bag, etc., A UV laser marking machine can meet these needs.

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