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The laser printer realizes the concept of environmental protection

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
In addition to the well-known coding and printing, laser printers have five processes that can achieve flexible application of various materials and various needs due to the high temperature characteristics of lasers: engraving, burning, annealing, discoloration and blistering, The appearance of the product does not have any damage but is more exquisite. The process to be done for the application of the laser cij printer to the auto parts is burning. Let me briefly talk about it below. Here, the effect that the laser printing machine needs to achieve is to reduce friction. The piston of a car engine moves up and down at a speed of 300 times per minute, while a four-cylinder engine moves up and down at about 1200 times per minute. This is a very terrifying speed. If the cylinder liner is in contact with the cylinder liner at such a fast speed. If the surface is not lubricated enough, it will have a great influence on whether the piston can work smoothly. So in order to further reduce friction, the laser printing machine has a role here. The laser is used to burn the surface to remove a small amount of material on the surface to form small depressions on the material, and this specific regular depression is It is called the existence of a lubricating structure. After the lubrication structure is completed, the laser is used for secondary processing to achieve the most perfect lubrication structure depth. Such a process did not exist in the previous automobile manufacturing industry, and to meet the modern society's low-energy, high-efficiency and environmental-friendly concept, the emergence of this process has realized that the engine consumes less lubricating oil and less dyes, and can also reduce carbon dioxide. The emission of low energy, high efficiency and environmental protection is truly realized.
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