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The lifeblood of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-04

The ink circuit system of the inkjet printer can be called the lifeblood of the inkjet printer. The lifeblood that I said before is focused on blood, which is ink. Today, I’m talking about the ink-bearing system, ink

road. The ink circuit system is like the blood vessels of the human body to the inkjet printer. Your blood vessels are not right, not good. No matter how good your blood is, you will get sick, because of the small characters

The characteristics of cij printers often show symptoms such as clogging. At this time, is the ink system easy to maintain? It is extremely important.

Ink way system:

The design is simple, easy to use and easy to use Maintenance

Automatic pressure control

Automatic viscosity control

Adopt Temperature sensor, through monitoring temperature changes to achieve precise control of the viscosity of the machine ink system

The use of advanced diaphragm pumps, more stable operation, longer life, low maintenance costs, Applicable to pigment ink, cable printing color contrast is better, and adhesion is better

No need for external compressed air drive

The pressure pump overload protection function makes the pressure pump have a longer service life

The control part and the ink circuit part are completely separated design

The ink bottle and additive bottle have a capacity of 600ml. There is no need to stop the machine during operation. Ink and solvent can be added at any time

Solvent bottle level detection, solvent shortage alarm

The control part of the small character inkjet printer I-Jet 455HB black ink cij printer is completely isolated from the ink path, which makes many people who want to clean the inkjet printer at ease

A lot, the ink circuit part is different from the control part, there is not much to say, but we can do it ourselves for simple cleaning, which saves a lot of stops

The time spent on repairs creates more profit space for you.


Nevertheless, there is still a commendable after-sales service. Provide a telephone number for supervision and complaints, and ensure to reply within 10 minutes of receiving user complaints. I

The company implements a strict supervision and management mechanism for the technical support and after-sales service provided. If the user is dissatisfied with our company’s technical service personnel or does not comply with the

If the corresponding service is provided in the same service standard, you can call the supervision number. At this time, the company will arrange for more senior technical service personnel until the company’s responsible leaders come to the site in person to solve the problem satisfactorily.

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