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The main advantages of UV laser marking machine on plastic switch panel

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-06

The switch panel is the button surface of various switches, which is basically made of plastic material. Many switch buttons will be marked with some text or images on their surfaces for identification, such as exhaust fans, bed lights, bedrooms, bathroom heaters, and so on. The laser marking machine uses a high-energy focused laser beam to mark the surface of various materials, so as to realize the identification of the product surface. In today's society of technological development, laser marking machines for plastic switch panels are also favored by users, especially in hotel decoration, where laser marking has more advantages.

The UV laser marking machine belongs to cold processing, so the plastic surface will not be burnt, the pattern is more exquisite, and the touch has no hand feeling. Text, two-dimensional code, pattern, serial number, serial number, symbol, garbled number, with fast engraving speed, high production efficiency, long service life, simple operation, zero consumables only need to power on, pattern text can be modified at will, labor saving, environmental protection Energy-efficient, engraved text and graphics are durable and non-fading.

The application of UV laser marking machine has attracted much attention because it has created a new way of marking plastic materials. Marking on plastic electrical switches generally changes the color under the surface of the material, such as carbonization. When using a UV laser marking machine, black marking can be achieved by selectively carbonizing the subsurface of the plastic. The input of heat energy is limited to a small designated area, so that the marking content and the background material are clearly distinguishable and easy to identify. The marking of plastic switches by laser marking machine is not only free of consumables and environmental protection, but also has the characteristics of fast speed, good marking effect and strong anti-counterfeiting, which is widely welcomed by enterprises.

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