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The metal laser marking machine is the 'artist' of the hardware industry, which perfectly reverses the development trend of the hardware industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
The hardware industry frequently appears in people's daily life, and every household uses it. Obviously, hardware manufacturers have also encountered extreme distress. As we all know, hardware processing pollutes the environment. How to solve it? And how to prevent anti-counterfeiting of goods? The laser marking process can be applied in various fields of hardware. The metal laser marking machine is suitable for iron, copper, stainless steel, alumina and other metal oxides. The processing environment is safe and environmentally friendly. The marked text and graphics are not only clear and fine It is beautiful and cannot be erased permanently, which is very beneficial to the quality of hardware products and channel tracking, and can effectively prevent counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting and prevent cross-linking. The 'artist' of the hardware industry-metal laser marking machine. When the hardware is placed for a long time, the traditional ink spraying code will fade, resulting in the inability to clearly identify the product's specifications, size, brand and other information, which affects the use and appearance. The metal laser marking machine is the 'artist' in the hardware industry. The laser marking accuracy can reach within a millimeter, the pattern is clear and beautiful, easy to identify, and will not fade due to environmental factors, and is permanent. It can also increase the visibility of the product brand. As a modern precision processing product, the metal laser marking machine combines advanced manufacturing technology with optical, mechanical, electrical, material processing and testing disciplines, bringing new development opportunities for hardware processing. Moreover, the metal laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing, which does not produce corrosion and will not deform the hardware materials. On the other hand, the laser marking process has no tool wear, no poison, and no pollution, which greatly extends the use of hardware parts. Longevity solves the serious environmental pollution problem of hardware processing.
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