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The normalization of retrospective supervision in the food and medical and health industries has far-reaching significance

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-31

In the food and medical and health industries, the normalization of retrospective supervision is of far-reaching significance.

1. As an effective management tool for government departments, traceability has increasingly penetrated into daily supervision work;

2. The level of enterprise informatization continues to improve, creating a transparent and efficient In the supply chain, improving the management level through traceability has become a market-oriented demand.

Due to the scattered management departments and the inconsistent bar code data of my country's commodity traceability, the code scanning data of circulation links 'broken'. Experts and scholars recommend the application of internationally unified standard bar code technology and the use of an internationally consistent coding system to ensure the interconnection of traceability information, thereby achieving national and even global traceability.

1. Food safety-establishing a full-chain traceability system

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to food safety, and multiple parties have participated and jointly locked the 'first kilometer' of the 'vegetable basket' , To establish a full chain traceability system from production base to logistics distribution to terminal consumption.

Through the national food (product) safety traceability platform, food production enterprises use the form of product barcode + batch to realize the complete inspection of prepackaged food from raw materials into the factory, production control, factory inspection, and sales destinations. Process (full chain) digital control. Consumers can use their mobile phones to scan codes to query information, and companies and government regulatory agencies can implement precise recalls and targeted supervision of problematic products. In the food sales link, the focus is on standard certification for high-quality edible agricultural products breeding and breeding bases, and GS1 location codes and variety codes are assigned to the products of the base, and the coded agricultural products are from the breeding and breeding base-logistics transportation-food distribution-terminal consumption 'One code Pingchuan' '.

2. Medical products-realizing global traceability

The traceability mechanism of the whole process from the 'first mile' to the 'last mile' has also opened up a new situation in the field of medical and health.

Applying for commodity barcodes for medicines and medical devices is the general trend of the healthy development of the industry. It can not only help companies improve the efficiency and transparency in global trade and supply chain management, but also facilitate the circulation and sales of products, and reduce the number of companies. Operation cost, and realize the traceability of medicines and medical devices. It is of great significance to establish a global data exchange system on the basis of a unified coding standard to break through the retrospective barrier.

3. Traceability system-rapid development of article coding

'When it comes to traceability, there is a concept called'one step forward, one step backward'.'One step forward' is hope To understand the raw material information in a product supply chain, the 'one step backward' is to understand where the product has gone. Under this basic concept, with the development of technology, it is possible to connect more product information in a chain. 'Qian Heng, president of the New Generation Institute of Technical Standardization of Shandong Academy of Sciences, said that from the perspective of traceability, product identification is inseparable from the unique code of standardization and individual. The product identification requires the cooperation of the cij printer.

As an cij printer equipment company, cij printers are committed to product technology upgrades and continuous research and development of traceability systems, and continuously improve product quality. At the same time, they have accumulated a lot of valuable in technology and practical applications. Experience, domestic and foreign customers have enjoyed the production convenience brought by product innovation and smooth management, which has promoted the healthy development of the enterprise!

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