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The occasion of anti-counterfeiting in the tobacco industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
The development of the tobacco industry in our country is also one of the best. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in all aspects of anti-counterfeiting work, so as to avoid unkindly taking advantage of it, it will be a bad thing. The components of tobacco itself are somewhat harmful to human health. If anti-counterfeiting work is not done well, it will be even more threatening to people's health. Tobacco is like a drug addiction. Let's use cigarettes to this ratio. Everyone should know that young people, middle-aged people, etc. are particularly fond of smoking, that is, for them, as long as you smoke, it is easy to become addicted, and it is difficult to quit. There is a saying that smoking is harmful to health! Tobacco itself has a threat to people's health, so more efforts must be made in tobacco. With the international development, the coding technology has become more and more sophisticated. The tobacco industry uses a combination of inkjet coding technology to prevent counterfeiting, which not only improves the image, but also fights counterfeiters. Mark special marks on the surface of tobacco to counter foreign enemies. The content of the inkjet logo can be production date, factory name and location, trademark, shift, two-dimensional code, etc. These logos can be extremely anti-counterfeit, allowing consumers to see the manufacturer clearly at a glance information. But at the same time, pay attention to the date on the tobacco, because the date can be printed out by the printer, but the printer can be wiped off at once. The only thing is that the cij printer prints out the code. Permanent, it will never be rubbed off. Therefore, the coding mark is the best anti-counterfeiting in the tobacco industry.
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