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The operation and principle of editing information of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-07

In our daily life, we often encounter the job of adjusting the content of the cij printer, so how to change the content of the cij printer? As an industry that often needs printing information such as food packaging, you know the Daily operation is necessary.

Today, the editor will briefly explain some operations of editing information:

1. After plugging in the power supply and pressing the power button to turn it on, the system will Enter the startup program, and after about 1 minute of startup process, we can see the main operation interface from the main screen of the printer (as shown in the figure below).

2. What you get is what you get, a more intuitive and simple interface design, so that users can see the built-in information content of the machine at the first time, as well as the information name, information content, dot matrix size to be printed out , row number arrangement, etc.

3. Select printing information for information editing: When the main interface status is displayed on the screen, press the [F2] key to 'select detailed printing information, use the up and down direction keys to select the name of the information to be printed, and press [ENTER] to confirm.

4. Modification of printing information in information editing: If the current printing information is not what we need, then the operation of modifying the current information content can be carried out. There are two methods (one is based on the existing Modify the above, the second is to create a new message), it is recommended to choose the second method. After entering the information editing page, you can switch the input method through the FN button on the keyboard, and switch the dot matrix size through F1 to arrange and input the information. After finishing, press SHIFT+ F1, save and exit.

5. At this time, the selected information content will be displayed at the bottom of the main interface, and the selection or editing of the printing information has been completed. The following figure is an example, the content we will print on the product is two-dimensional A combination of code + a line of English numbers.

6. There are also shortcut keys for the adjustment of information parameters. You can continuously press the F4 key on the upper left of the keyboard twice to enter the parameter modification. Common parameters include character width, height, delay, flip, bold multiple, etc. item.

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