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The operation points of small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-06
After so many years of development, we have made a good improvement in the coding technology, and the quality and stability of the machine have also made better progress! The small character cij printer has a good reputation in the market because of its stability and high cost performance. The small character cij printer is equipped with a visible display screen on the front, which is used for the command input and operation of the small character inkjet printer. When using it, you need to follow the relevant steps. Key points of window operation and use: Only one window is displayed at any time, and the starting window is the control window. To open a new window, press the corresponding function key to display the window. The newly opened window will overwrite the previous window. Press ESC to exit and close the current window. For some windows, you can only press F1 to confirm the function key to exit and close the current window. There are only two special windows, which do not belong to the above tree structure window operation mode, namely 'PRINTMENU' and 'INFO'. You can press their shortcut keys to enter the window at any time. Type and use of edit parameter box in the window. To use the font selection box, first enter the window, use Tab to select the font option, and then use the down or up arrow keys to select the font to be used, and press the 'Enter' key to complete the font selection. To use the radio buttons, use Tab to select the radio buttons that need to be modified in sequence, and press the 'Enter' key to activate × or deactivate ??. To use the parameter input box, use Tab to sequentially select the parameter input box that needs to be modified, and enter the value. This is a basic operation and key tips of the small character inkjet printer. If you still don’t understand any problems, you can consult our technical engineers.
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