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The popular science | what are the factors affect the price of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-30
Recently, small micro found that individual customers friend at consulting laser marking machine, the equipment and marking effect is very satisfied, but when talk about the price to hesitate, you get what you pay for believe everyone understand the truth, now, small micro science under the influence of laser marking machine to everyone what are the factors of price differences. 1, different brand different brand marking machine price, brand decision quality, value decide the price. Foreign brands need not I say more, the price is not cheap, and domestic brands, laser printing machine manufacturers is a leading brand laser marking machine, high performance/price ratio, and the machine, customers all over the country, not only the production of laser marking machine and even exported to overseas, is well received by customers at home and abroad friends of the. 2, configuration, configuration is different prices different nature, according to the configuration of the good and bad to qualitative. Good configuration of laser marking effect natural advantage, service life is longer, more convenient operation, configuration to consider laser and laser marking, laser galvanometer software. 3, aircraft model different price nature. Before buying laser marking machine for the products need to be marking material content, type, material, marking, marking effect, and whether to need to meet the assembly line production mode. By analyzing these points to judge whether it is suitable for marking machine, consider the reasons of these factors is not only to better serve the needs of marking, also can avoid unnecessary money. Now common laser marking machine is mainly divided into: fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, machine, material is different, their prices are different. 4, power, power is different, the price also is distinct. Power optical fiber laser marking machine is divided into 20 w, 30 w, 50 w, CO2 laser marking machine, 60 w power 20 w, 30 w, ultraviolet laser marking machine is 3 w, 5 w. 5, production process, technical level due to domestic and foreign markets, in the process of laser marking machine in the production of their production process, technical level is different, this also led to a different manufacturer of laser marking machine price gap between, in general relatively good in imported laser marking machine equipment prices reach thousands, cheap laser marking machine, the price also is in seventy thousand yuan of above, and domestic obviously is a lot cheaper. 6, after-sales service. Laser marking machine under ten thousand basic is no warranty, or is used, or it's configuration and process was very poor, so the problem of marking machine maintenance more times much, certainly do lose money buying and selling of who. General laser marking machine is 1 year warranty, so the price is relatively favorable, in the high-end laser company is the basic guarantee for two years, our laser printing machine manufacturers is mechanical and electrical machine warranty for two years. To sum up, small micro advice to the masses of customers friend laser marking machine, the choose and buy not only consider the price, want to consider, in the long run, many consider factors such as brand, quality and after-sales. Hope to select the laser machine can give to everybody to help!
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