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The precision of digital direct injection machine determinants -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-02
A lot of digital direct injection manufacturer to promote their use is epson high-precision nozzle. It is true that the high precision of digital direct injection machine is need high quality nozzle. But not only with high-precision nozzle so simple. If the machine itself unstable platform and the main structure intensity high enough time for a long time will have a slight deformation, resulting in printing precision is not high. For this reason, the brand relies on for 16 years, the development of production experience, introduced all models according to the high demand to launch. Machine is the key part adopts whole steel structure, and made the stress relieving process, fully release stress existing in the steel itself and cutting maohan, namely slowly rises to 500 to 600 degrees under the condition of stay more than 24 hours. After release of stress, to guarantee the frame deformation using ten years. Frame integral interface using large CNC milling machine, makes the machine interface at the same level, the error below two wire ( 0. 02mm) Only in this way, shower nozzle with high precision, so to ensure the accuracy of the printed products reach the best state. Digital precision determinant of direct injection machine is the summary of the above
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