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The principle and advantage of optical fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-04
Now people for identifying information are familiar with, equipment that the commonly used printing marks information products have laser marking machines and printing machines. Laser marking machine is mainly divided into optical fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, etc. These types of laser marking machine, all have their own advantages and applicable industries. Today, small make up the main introduction of optical fiber laser marking machine for you. Optical fiber laser marking machine can play metal and nonmetal materials, using laser beam in different kinds of material surface in permanent marker. Play the effect of mark is through material surface evaporation show deep material, either light energy caused by surface material and traces' carved out of a physical change or light energy to burn, by part of the material, show the etching images, text, bar code and other kinds of graphs. Optical fiber laser marking machine marking of high precision, convenient maintenance, long service life and to the requirement of some high quality user identity, ultraviolet laser marking machine is the best choice. Second, fiber laser marking machine adopts air cooling technology, the global response of the process of industrialization, energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, the fiber laser marking machine light conversion efficiency over 50%, all the system power consumption of only 500 w, the laser source to save work, save operating costs. Installation operation is simple and convenient. Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks and watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace components, all kinds of auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, dies, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and many fields such as military things graphics and text markup, mass production line and homework.
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