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The principle of ink diluent for inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-11

In the cij printer marking industry, if you want to do better, you must not only adjust the equipment at the same time

, but also After the equipment is installed, the ink and solvent of the inkjet printer that need to be used every day are closely related.

Close. Both inks and thinners are related to the production of precision chemicals, and they need to be produced by qualified large enterprises to ensure their quality.

Qualified ink diluents for cij printers on the market are all developed with the advent of inkjet printers.

There is a corresponding manufacturer and a corresponding machine type

No., and use it after matching to ensure stable use. Simply speaking, inkjet printer ink

The principle of use is that the ink tank of the cij printer is pumped by a pressure pump and filtered

The device and solenoid valve follow the pipeline all the way to the nozzle of the cij printer and shoot out from the nozzle, pass through the crystal oscillator and the charging tank, and charge the corresponding amount of charge on the ink dots that need to be printed.

Deflection out to form text and graphics.

It involves the ink crystal oscillator and charging deflection, so the ink is not simply produced and developed. Different inkjet printer brands, different inkjet printer models, and even

There are more subdivided types such as micro characters, large characters, small characters, high resolution, etc. The materials and technologies used are all different. From the outside, we can only see that it is the capacity and appearance

The shape is actually quite different.

The special ink thinner for inkjet printers must be produced by qualified manufacturers. Large mold equipment and small inspection equipment must meet national standards, ROSH,

MSDS and other certificates must be complete, so that consumers can purchase them without worries, and have more experience and technical guarantees for quality control.

Instructions for daily use of ink diluent for cij printers

1. Pay attention to the ink and solvent production date, shelf life, expiration date and other time-sensitive information. Generally, the ink bottle and solvent bottle will be marked with the birth date in a conspicuous place.

To the ink that is about to expire, it brings potential hazards to its own production.

2. Pay attention to adding ink and solvent in time when using, and add ink and solvent within the specified time after the machine alarms. Avoid excessively high concentrations that lead to poor machine operation. From the source

to prevent inferior ink from entering the machine for internal use, to ensure that the user's machine works well.

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