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The print is not clear? Then we need to repair the printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

may not be unfamiliar to everyone, and they are now used in many industries. In the long-term inkjet printing, it is inevitable that there will be some problems, such as unclear printing, which is a relatively common situation. In such a situation where the printing is particularly unclear, it is necessary to repair the inkjet printer in time. So how to adjust and repair the inkjet printer to ensure the high-definition inkjet effect?

1. Cleaning the nozzles of the print head

When the inkjet printer prints unclearly, the first thing to consider is to clean the inkjet printer. At present, many cij printers are mainly based on ink application, and the ink is easy to dry. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause the nozzle of the nozzle to block, which directly affects the coding effect. It is recommended to clean the nozzles of the print head in time and arrange the printer regularly to avoid affecting the printing effect of the printer.

2. circuit repair

If the cij printer’s printing is very unclear and there is still no effect after cleaning, then it is necessary to enter the inkjet printer repair step. General circuit problems are also common influencing factors. It is usually considered to start with the circuit part of the printer for diagnosis and testing. If the circuit is charged or has calibration problems, it may cause unclear coding. Regarding circuit testing, it is necessary to consider many details, such as charging calibration, pressure calibration, high-voltage measurement, etc., to see if it has met the application requirements of the entire circuit and maintain the stable operation of the printer.

There are many issues involved in the maintenance of the inkjet printer. If the inkjet code is not clear, it must be cleaned, and all aspects of the circuit inspection and maintenance should be done well. Any problems can be considered in advance. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure stable operation of the printer.

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