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The printer manufacturer takes you to understand the difference between the QR code and the DM code in the QR code

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

Two-dimensional codes can often be seen in daily life, on electronic products, food packaging bags, beverage bottle caps, medicine boxes, etc. everywhere. What are the two-dimensional codes? Here, as a senior cij printer manufacturer, I will popularize the knowledge of two-dimensional codes.

The two-dimensional codes that are common in today's cultural life include QR codes and DM codes. The QR code volume is currently 16KB, and the general data volume can be more than 2KB , While the DM code is more 'smallDM code can't mainly express Chinese characters and other ways, and QR code can use data encoding method to indicate Chinese characters. Only 13bit can indicate a Chinese character, which is 20% more efficient than other two-dimensional bar codes. In comparison, the DM code has a small information content and is easy to use. The QR code has obvious advantages in the processing of Chinese characters.

From the perspective of the error correction function, the QR code has four different levels of error correction capabilities, even if it is damaged, even if it is bent or has up to 30% incompleteness, it can be identified. Shows its strong error correction ability, but the main performance of DM code in number damage is more excellent. It only has to read 20% of the material to accurately identify it. For DM two-dimensional barcodes with less than 255 characters, incorrectly corrected characters can be calculated from the material characters. For markings with more than 255 characters, the material characters should be divided into several touch groups, and then each touch group will be incorrectly corrected.

Let's look at the comparison of reading speed and viewing angle. QR code is the English abbreviation of QuickResponseCode, which is translated as: Quick Response Number. It can be seen that quick reading is the most obvious feature of QR code and the key feature of QRCode different from other two-dimensional codes. According to statistics, with a CCD two-dimensional barcode reader, 30 QRCode tags with 100 characters can be read per second. For DM codes, only 2- 3 marks, the QRCode code has a multi-directional (360°) reading feature on the viewing angle. The DM code does not have a viewfinder pattern similar to the QR code, so it can only be read in one direction.

Therefore, the QR code is the most commonly used QR code, and the DM code is more commonly used in enterprise internal product operations.

For the time being, I will talk about so much about the knowledge of QR codes. Interested friends are welcome to call the printer manufacturer at any time and give you more answers!

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