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The printer works - cake

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-28
Era in the development, only know before decorating cake DIY custom need skilled teacher spend a few hours of production. Now is not the same, the use of cake printer can use food ink print directly on the surface, is very convenient. The cake how the laser laser marking machine works? Easy to say that, you just need to have a cake and a computer laser laser marking machine. 1. Customers can choose to print images, can be portraits, landscapes, cartoon images and so on. In PS do need to print the picture size, resolution, etc. , into a printable format. 2. Put the cake on the print platform, directly on the surface of the cake using food edible ink printing. Ultra-high resolution reduction images! Such & other; Digital cake & throughout; Than traditional cakes, the image is more clear, bright color, design is more creative. Compared to print the image printing to special edible sugar paper or on rice paper, after cutting the cover on the cake. Cakes are printers, more convenient, save the cost of food printing process. Common quality wafer need 1 - after all 2 yuan, 3 - good wafer It's usual for a 5 yuan. But the cake laser laser marking machine to print a cost just a few cents! Save labor costs and time cost are multiples into geometric growth! Create to belong to own cake, the choice of the cake printer! Sales hotline: 400 8316492; 13265335569
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