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The protector of drug information-laser printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-15
With the strengthening of safety awareness, the people's attention to the safety of medicines continues to increase. When a drug has a problem, the source that people can trace directly is the identification code on the drug package. It can be seen that the importance of drug labeling, the drug packaging industry needs to strictly control the drug labeling link. The safety of medicines is panic and affects the hearts of thousands of families. The application of laser coding in the medical labeling industry has been widely popularized. Its non-contact and pollution-free marking method meets the requirements of medical product safety and health. The laser coding technology used in laser coding technology marks clear and intuitive information, strong corrosion resistance, and is not easy to be Alteration and erasure ensure the anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products and make consumers feel more at ease when using them. This undoubtedly provides double 'insurance' for the safety of medicines. For pharmaceutical companies, a clear label is a standard way to recognize the company, and it is also a manifestation of long-term safe use. Therefore, for pharmaceutical companies, the use of cij printers can improve the product image and consistent labeling, making it easier to establish The recognizable image and the beautification of the product surface are conducive to enhancing the sales of the product in the market.   In addition, the current concepts of environmental protection and green production are advocated by all walks of life. The laser printing machine does not need to clean the nozzle and frequently replace the consumable parts, which is more environmentally friendly than the use of ink, and can greatly save operating costs.   Although compared with traditional cij printers, laser inkjet printers are more expensive. However, laser printers have been gradually popularized in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries to further protect product information and protect the interests of consumers. It is reported that the laser printing machine uses a high-energy laser beam as the brush, and controls the movement trajectory of the brush through the combination of a computer and precision machinery. It can accurately print the corresponding supervision code on the drug packaging box, with non-contact and pollution-free , Features such as high processing accuracy.   The machine is more flexible, it can print numbers, characters and patterns, and the number of printed lines and font size are not limited, and users can easily set it according to their needs. Compared with traditional cij printers, laser printers can directly code information such as the production date on the surface or inside of the product. The marking effect of the coding is clearer, and the markings are not easy to wipe or change. The emergence of effective solutions to the problem of product fleeing due to unclear identification has become a new bright spot in market sales.   According to the different forms of marking, laser coding machines can be divided into scribing type and dot matrix type. Among them, the scribing laser machine mainly scribes the trajectory of the character to be marked, while the dot matrix laser machine scribes some important trajectory points of the character to be marked. Therefore, under the same energy situation, the new dot matrix laser coding machine prints faster.   At present, most of the laser coding machines that appear frequently in the market are scribing type, while the new type of laser coding machines use a new type of dot matrix technology, that is, dot matrix retention technology.   With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging in the future will show a trend of more convenient and safer coding, and the market will have stricter requirements for coding machines. With the continuous deepening of automation technology, only by grasping the core competitiveness and developing equipment suitable for market demand, can coding machine development companies take the market one step closer. Learn more about the official website of Laser Marking Equipment Co., Ltd.; http:///
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