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The public mask cheer for wuhan - we are all in the struggle

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-21
New coronary pneumonia, masks a shield against the battle, but still there are some people who don't wear a face mask, or don't know how to choose the correct mask. Science popularization is imperative! Masks became the first line of defense, the battle to people don't contact information for public welfare propaganda became very necessary action. Such a physically public welfare is called for in the battle against epidemic in the mass base, completes the prevention consciousness of the masses. Printers can customize on the mask packaging and ordinary mask related text pattern. Let you also can contribute a little to outbreak, will wear a face mask do propaganda! First may choose a bunch of interesting formula as design, & other; FFP3> FFP2 = N95 = KN95> KN90” , N series is American standard; KN series is the Chinese standard; FFP series is the European standard; The higher the number, the greater the degree of protection is. In mask is confused, the choice of domestic mask scarce cases, many people will choose to buy on sb's behalf of masks, but a pile of foreign increase a lot of people choose difficult, this simple design can help people in the purchase of masks, simple to choose their own needs. The second can choose & other; Wuhan gas & throughout; , such as pattern to call for everybody and wuhan in the same boat, with wuhan people's resistance to new pneumonia outbreak. Also show line of people coming and going out of the situation, as well as the necessity and importance of wearing surgical masks. Third, you can even print your own face, wear masks so we can know who you are. Really very savvy! Now buy a laser printing machine can also send your mask! ! ! Quantity is limited, first come first served! Please refer the hotline: miss Chen, 13265335569
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