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The rapid development of mobile phone shells has stimulated the laser marking market

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-30

I don’t know when, since there are more and more peripheral products for mobile phones. In the past, you only need to confirm whether you have a mobile phone charger and a spare battery. If you have both and the performance and price of the mobile phone are acceptable, you will basically go home with the mobile phone happily. Now think about the mobile phone at that time. It seems that you can buy a mobile phone for a long time, and the battery of the mobile phone is also quite durable. It is absolutely no problem to charge the tube for a week.

Buying a mobile phone now is not as simple and straightforward as before. It depends not only on the appearance but also on the performance. In addition to these must-see items, it also depends on which peripheral products are available. I I met a girl who bought a mobile phone because of its beautiful surroundings. People nowadays seem to pay more and more attention to the beauty of items, which seems to have become the primary consideration for everyone when choosing products. This is true whether it is a mobile phone or other items, and everyone will like good-looking things.

When it comes to mobile phone peripherals, there are too many. There are no less than 30 or 40 types of mobile phone peripherals, led by smart phones, and there are many in a simple list. Like mobile phone cases, mobile phone films, mobile phone dust plugs, mobile phone radiation stickers, simple mobile phone holders, desktop mobile stations, mobile phone charging treasures, and now Apple's new watch, etc...It is really normal. I didn't pay attention, if this were calculated, it would be quite a lot. Among these mobile phone peripherals, the most popular and popular mobile phone case is definitely the overlord. All kinds of mobile phones have their own mobile phone cases, and the most 'sweet' of these mobile phone cases should be the mobile phone cases of Apple phones. No matter which mobile phone store or special mobile phone store you go to, the case of Apple mobile phone is definitely the most styled and richest. It seems that the more popular mobile phones have correspondingly hot mobile phone cases. Is this what is often said in ancient times as 'love the house and the black?'

Why are the mobile phone cases so hot? The reason is probably because people’s lives are becoming more and more inseparable from mobile phones. Mobile phones are needed for eating, mobile phones are needed for work, and mobile phones are needed for traveling. Mobile phones are inseparable from all walks of life and all kinds of things. Has become a part of people's lives. The most popular saying on the Internet is 'You can go out without a key or a wallet, but you absolutely must not bring a mobile phone.' There is even more exaggerated 'I feel like I can't live anymore after I leave the phone for a second.' Mobile phones have become an indispensable and even an absolute part of people's lives. Therefore, people caring for mobile phones are like caring for their own children, hoping to dress them beautifully, look happy by themselves, and feel comfortable for others.

That’s why mobile phone cases are so popular, and they are becoming more and more popular. The momentum is developing. There are many materials for mobile phone cases, such as plastic, steel, and silicone. These are the more common ones in comparison stores. Now a wooden phone case has been released, and sales have soared since it was launched. It seems that people love the new and dislike the old and love strange things. They are used to plastic and silicone mobile phone cases. The sudden appearance of a kind of wood makes it feel like seeing how rare and precious things are.

Wooden phone cases are not that dull Yes, a piece of wood without any patterns. No one will buy this kind of rigid phone case, let alone sales. The wooden mobile phone cases on the market now have very exquisite patterns on the back, and the workmanship is fine and creative. Some are pictures of landscapes and scenery, and some are pictures of cartoon characters. So how are these exquisite patterns printed? This is not printed with ink, it is engraved with a new dynamic laser marking machine. The wooden mobile phone case laser marking machine is not only used to engrave mobile phone cases, but also can be used in wooden packaging boxes, wooden wine boxes, Wooden furniture and so on are all possible. Compared with traditional craftsmanship, the patterns engraved by laser are richer, and the shapes are more fashionable and exquisite. Basically, there will be no damage, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.

Fiber laser marking machine

Why does the phone case So hot, for this new product, the talents who grasp the business opportunities are the ones who are likely to succeed.

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