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The reason for the blurring of laser coding

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
The laser printer can mark products of various materials. Whether it is a metal product or a non-metal product, the laser printer can engrave very clear fonts or patterns, and these marks are permanent. It will not cause any damage to the product. We can even say that whether it is a space shuttle flying into space, mechanical equipment, or a variety of electrical products, hardware, etc., used in small homes, laser printers can be used for marking. The marks made by laser printers are generally very clear, but why do some people find that the marks made by laser printers are very fuzzy when they use them? In fact, this may be caused by the following reasons. First of all, it may be that your laser printer has been used for a long time, and the temperature of the laser head and module is already very high, and it cannot be cooled in time when working, which affects the precision of the machine's marking. Therefore, it is recommended to equip the laser printer with a suitable laser water cooler, whose cooling power must be greater than its heating power, so as to better ensure that the laser printing machine can cool down in time. Secondly, it is also possible that the parts of the laser printing machine are damaged due to the use of too long, for example, the lens is damaged or too much dust has entered the laser, causing problems. Finally, the focal position of the laser printer has shifted. Of course, this can be re-adjusted. After the adjustment, the laser printing machine can work again. Any machine used for a long time will have some problems more or less, which is inevitable. Therefore, when buying a laser printer, it is recommended that you first determine whether the manufacturer's after-sales service is fast, so that you can ensure better after-sales service in the future.
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