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The reason why the laser marking machine cannot reach the expected marking depth

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-20

The advantages of fiber laser marking machine: It has the characteristics of good beam quality, small size, fast speed, long working life, flexible and convenient installation, maintenance-free and no consumables. However, after using the fiber laser marking machine for most customers for a period of time, there will be more or less problems, such as the power drop of the laser marking machine. When the power of the laser marking machine appears to drop, how to solve it? The following laser editor will lead you to understand the common faults and treatment measures of laser marking machines. The reasons why the laser marking machine cannot reach the expected marking depth:

1. Whether the laser output power meets the requirements, and the required depth generally requires a high-power laser marking machine, such as 30w, 50w, 100w; 2. Whether the cut-off power of the acousto-optic switch meets the requirements; 3. Whether the adjustment of the optical path is accurate, do not deviated, and the optical path is not correct; 4. Whether the position and direction of the beam expander are adjusted accurately; 5. Whether the lens surface is polluted; 6. The surface of the workpiece Whether it is on the focal plane; 7. Whether the output DC voltage of the laser power supply 25V drops, which causes the laser output power to drop.

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