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The requirements of the inkjet printer in the application of electronic supervision codes

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

According to the implementation requirements of the product quality electronic supervision code, how should the cij printer correctly regulate the application of the electronic supervision code? Today, our editor will introduce to you how the inkjet printer arranges the electronic supervision code.

1. Code assignment of the cij printer.

The inkjet printer needs to pay attention to the position of the code when assigning codes. The position of the code is to facilitate the inquiries of consumers, circulation companies and law enforcement agencies. The printing method is recommended to be printed on the product packaging to ensure supervision The code is closely integrated with product packaging, saving costs and improving efficiency. Labeling and coding can also be adopted according to the product packaging form. At the same time, the coding agency should pay attention to the quality inspection of the supervision code in the supervision code printing link, and the manufacturer should pay attention to the quality inspection of the supervision code during the coding process to ensure the quality of the supervision code, which can be easily read in the circulation, consumption and law enforcement supervision links.

2. The printer will be activated according to the supervision code.

Before the product leaves the factory, the enterprise should use the digital certificate to log in to the enterprise channel of the supervision code network to activate the supervision code number segment of qualified offline products. It is necessary to enter production dynamic information such as production date and production batch when activating. After the supervision code is activated, the supervision code can be queried by consumers, and the result of the query before activation is 'the supervision code does not exist'.

Note: In order to effectively prevent the code from being illegally stolen during the packaging and printing process, please do not activate the supervision code before the product goes offline.

3. The position of the marking mark of the cij printer.

The basic principle of the location of the code marking is that the supervision code cannot overlap with the product barcode when selecting the placement position of the supervision code mark, and it must be kept at a certain distance from the product barcode, so as not to cause the reader to read the data. An error occurred. The position of the regulatory code on the product packaging should be based on the position of the product barcode. It is preferred to place it on the same surface as the product barcode, diagonally or symmetrically. If the area of u200bu200bthe packaging surface where the commodity barcode is placed is too small, the supervision code and commodity barcode should be placed on two opposite or adjacent surfaces of the package respectively; the commodity barcode and supervision code should be placed in the same direction on the product packaging .

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