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The rice packaging industry introduces small character inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-17

The traditional rice industry logo is mainly to place a certificate at the envelope, and the corresponding company will mark the production date and batch number of the product on the certificate, so as to achieve the required identification effect. However, using this method has great disadvantages. The product information identified on the conformity certificate is a separate process. After the marking is completed, it needs to be manually put into the rice packaging bag. The whole process is equivalent to completing two processes. For the production of modern enterprises, it is undoubtedly time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially for large and medium-sized enterprise users. The use of this identification method further affects production efficiency. In order to meet the production needs of modern enterprise users, automatic small-character inkjet printers with a high degree of automation and fast speed have been introduced into the rice packaging industry.

Factory Technology Co., Ltd. has followed up and paid a return visit to many rice packaging companies. The application of automatic small-character inkjet printers to the identification of rice packaging bags has many advantages:

1 high degree of automation. The small character inkjet printer has advantages in the degree of automation when applied to the rice production line. Regardless of the product packaging, the complexity of the production line is not a problem for small character printers. As long as it is set correctly on the small character inkjet printer, the logo will be printed. In addition, the small character inkjet printer can realize the real-time update of the production date and product batch number without any additional auxiliary operations.

2, the identification speed is fast. In terms of marking speed, the small character inkjet printer can achieve a marking speed of 90-180 m/min, which is almost a fast marking device.

3. Save labor. After the installation of the small character cij printer is completed, as long as the operation is performed strictly in accordance with the operating procedure of the inkjet printer, there is almost no need for additional manual operations to operate it. Compared with the traditional way of placing the certificate for marking, it saves equivalent to 50% Of labor.

4. The marking effect is clear, allowing consumers to see the product marking more intuitively. Different from the traditional certification mark, what the small character inkjet printer achieves is to print the production date, product batch number and other information on the outside of the rice packaging bag, and the marking effect is clearly visible. If you need to identify product barcodes, QR codes and other information, Small character inkjet printers can also be completed. For consumers, the basic attributes of the product can be seen more intuitively from the outside, which has a positive significance for product sales.

Through the introduction of the above advantages, it can be seen that the small character inkjet printer has a positive effect on the automatic identification of the rice packaging industry, but not all cij printers are suitable for Rice packaging automated marking industry. For example, handheld cij printers are designed for companies that do not have automated production lines. Manual identification of product production date, product batch number, etc. is more flexible and effective for companies that do not have a production line. Therefore, users who choose inkjet printers must communicate with the inkjet printer manufacturer in detail, and the inkjet printer needs the application environment in order to choose the right one. Corporate printers.

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