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The role of inkjet printer in food traceability system

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-27

'Food Quality and Safety Traceability System' is a system that connects production, inspection, supervision and consumption, and allows consumers to understand the production and circulation processes that comply with hygiene and safety. , An information management system that improves consumer confidence.

At present, the output of grains, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, and aquatic products in my country ranks first in the world. In order to ensure the food safety of the people, effectively control food The outbreak of the source-derived disease and the elimination of the export of my country’s food face the restrictions of the importing country’s food tracking and tracing laws and regulations. Therefore, relevant laws and regulations on food tracing and tracing have been established.

According to the existing food traceability technology, the barcode/QR code is the information for query and tracking in the food traceability system It appears that the cij printer can complete the QR code and barcode assignment requirements, so it plays a key role in the entire system.

Using the UV QR code cij printer in food anti-counterfeiting traceability can effectively solve the problems of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting traceability in food sales. The use of QR codes to build enterprise internal informatization is conducive to enterprise production management. All information from raw materials, production processes, quality inspection, packaging, warehousing, logistics, sales, etc., is recorded. After a food safety incident occurs, Companies can query and record information, trace the source, and quickly find out the problematic links.

The cij printer is closely connected with the production line. The logo printed by the UV inkjet printer usually has the characteristics of high adhesion and wear resistance, which can ensure the two-dimensional Long-term availability of code/barcode information. When food circulates in the market, consumers can scan the QR code/barcode with their mobile phones to learn the traceability information of the food, and retailers can also view the traceability information through the terminal scanner.

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