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The role of laser marking machine in the hardware industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-06
In the hardware industry, most hardware products need to be marked before they leave the factory: product name, barcode, product serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark, production date, manufacturer’s trademark and other information, which is convenient for factory management, market supervision and management, and product tracking records. To complete these tasks, hardware products must use laser marking machines, especially on mass production lines, and laser marking machines with high processing speed and high marking forming rate should be used. Hardware products are closely related to our lives. They are no longer simply used tools. The times have given them new aesthetic functions. As the saying goes, 'three-point look and seven-point dressThe newly produced hardware products cannot be sold immediately, but require multiple processing procedures. These appearance processing procedures are very important. Today, I will briefly talk about the role of laser marking machine in the hardware industry. Laser marking machine is a modern leading precision processing method. Compared with traditional printing, hand-engraving, abrasive tooling, etc., laser marking machine has many more advantages: in processing, laser marking machine can quickly Complete surface burr removal, character and logo marking, anti-counterfeiting marks, product numbers and barcodes, etc.; in daily maintenance and use, the laser marking machine has the advantages of strong flexibility, high electro-optical conversion rate, and convenient maintenance; in the scope of application Above, the laser marking machine is suitable for areas with high requirements for smoothness, fineness and depth. It can be focused on the surface of the metal product by a high-energy laser to instantly vaporize the surface material, leaving permanent marks, such as iron, copper, and stainless steel Metal materials such as, aluminum, etc. are all within the scope of application of the laser marking machine.
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