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The role of UV inkjet printers on the IoT ecosystem

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-09

The Internet of Things is the information interaction between things and between people and things. It can use QR code/barcode technology to perceive and obtain various types of information about objects. The application field involves all aspects, and the application in the infrastructure fields such as industry, agriculture, environment, transportation, logistics, security, etc., has effectively promoted the intelligent development of these aspects, making the limited resources more reasonable use and distribution, thereby improving the industry Efficiency and effectiveness.

Almost all industries and brands will carry out relevant anti-counterfeiting marks and production date marks on their products. The production supervisors and consumers only need to scan for The production chain of the product is well understood. Nowadays, inkjet marking has been deeply applied in the building materials industry, medicine industry, pet industry, cosmetics and other important industries.

The UV cij printer is associated with dynamic identification forms such as databases through various customized software, which can meet the needs of product traceability and anti-counterfeiting, thus playing a role in the IoT ecosystem Important role.

The effects of UV cij printers on the IoT ecosystem are as follows:

①Print QR codes, barcodes, etc. Logo, as the carrier of information exchange between people and things.

②The anti-counterfeiting mark makes counterfeit goods, fake and inferior goods impossible to start.

③Product traceability, reducing the cost of enterprise production chain management, and enhancing consumer trust.

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