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The service life of fiber laser marking machine is inseparable from your careful maintenance

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-29

Fiber laser marking machine is generally recognized by the market due to its high processing efficiency, wide range of applicable materials and good marking effect. However, in some processing industries, traditional marking methods are still used, and some people still do not understand laser marking. Labeling machine, I don’t know what the fiber laser marking machine is and what the price is. If you belong to this group of people, then you can check the composition and price of the fiber laser marking machine in the previous article of Xiaobian. Today, Xiaobian Next, I will take you to understand the maintenance method of fiber laser marking.

Maintenance method of fiber laser marking machine:

1) When the fiber laser marking machine is not working, the marking machine and the computer power. Close the field lens cap to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.

2) The circuit is in a high voltage state during laser processing. Non-professionals should not overhaul it when it is turned on to avoid electric shock accidents.

3) In case of any malfunction of the machine, the power should be cut off immediately.

4) If the equipment is used for a long time, the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the lower end surface of the focusing mirror, which will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect; The optical lens absorbs heat and becomes so hot that it bursts. When the marking effect is not good, the surface of the focusing mirror should be carefully checked for contamination.

The service life of the laser marking machine is inseparable from your careful maintenance, so please follow the maintenance methods above and take good care of your laser equipment.

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