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The significance of pillow custom -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-15
Pillow is our common household items, is different from the pillow, the pillow of use frequency is very high. Network custom pillow is no longer the fresh things for people. As people for the improvement of the quality of life, people demand not only comfortable, but also personality and self. In order to meet people's needs, hold pillow printing order. Sometimes just to print a logo, as a restaurant or hotel features show; Sometimes is to print pictures of friends and family, as the gifts; Sometimes is to print like the star, as star peripheral product sales; Sometimes is to print the wedding, graduation ceremony, party, as a collection to commemorate. Hold pillow in the printer, can also be called a T-shirt laser printing machine, is China's earliest start development & amp; Manufacturer of digital printing printing. Hold pillow in the laser printing machine, pillow laser printing machine appearance not only beautiful, and the operation is simple. The play and play, no plate-making, tinted. Print colourful, implementation level photo print effect. Hold pillow in the printer can make entrepreneurship & amp; Personality customization manufacturers online mall, offline shop model, less investment, high profit, operating flexibility.
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