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The small character inkjet printer has a name you don’t know

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-08

Small-character inkjet printers are also called economical inkjet printers, so I will introduce today, why are small-character inkjet printers also called economical cij printers?

1. The small character cij printer itself is super cost-effective. Compared with the laser marking machine, the small character inkjet printer has a lower price and a wider range of marking, whether it is a large

type food and beverage production line, or Irregularly shaped auto parts and small character inkjet printers can achieve clear and perfect coding. Small character inkjet printer

Help you achieve perfection.

2. The inkjet printer has a high usage rate of consumables, and the small character inkjet printer can be customized with a printing speed of 200 meters per minute (5x5. single line). According to the printing Speed, marking production

The number of products can be imagined, there is no inkjet printer on the market that can compare with the small character inkjet printer.

3. With the development of inkjet technology, small-character inkjet printers have solved many of the original technical bottlenecks, and their functions and operations are also developing towards fully automated technology.

In daily operation, the era of manual intervention of inkjet printers is also gone. Combined with the use of production lines, it has truly become an indispensable marking equipment in enterprise production.

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Adopt the latest German technology, LINUX operating system, stable and reliable ink system, 7' inch TFT true color screen design, simple operation, easy maintenance, easy to use

The cost is low.

Suitable for printing on various materials, easily realize the printing of date, time, batch number, graphics, trademark, etc. in various industries.

Use the inkjet printer directly or use the computer to edit the required graphic LOGO, and easily realize the printing of any graphic LOGO.

Adopt quick-drying Ink, excellent adhesion, suitable for the surface of various materials, such as film, glass, metal, plastic, PE, PVC, paper, wood, rubber

etc. In addition, For the requirements of different industries, we provide different inks, including standard inks, pigment inks, edible inks, gasoline-resistant inks, UV inks, etc..

The business covers more than 30 countries on five continents. It satisfies all customers in all industries. Coding needs, at the same time, we are committed to easy operation and to meet the special requirements of customers.

Provide a full range of logo solutions. Its solutions are economical and practical, low cost of use, and maintenance. Simple, excellent performance, reliable operation.

, let you have a pair of brilliant eyes!

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