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The small character inkjet printer is turned on to supply ink, but there is no ink line, what's the matter?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

From the current use of cij printers, inks are mainly used, and some basic operations should be paid attention to in the process of use. Many people have reported that the small character inkjet industrial inkjet printer has no ink lines after it is turned on. What's the matter? How to deal with it better?

The small character inkjet printer is turned on and supplies ink, but if there is no ink line, it can be mainly divided into these reasons. The first is that the nozzle is clogged. If the cij printer uses ink for a long time, it will become clogged after a long time of accumulation, and it will not be able to supply ink again, which will affect the coding effect. At this time, it is recommended to clean it first, or directly execute the nozzle opening procedure to let the code print. The machine can finish the code printing smoothly.

The second reason is insufficient ink pressure. The operation of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer itself requires certain parameters and program setting requirements. According to the processing needs of the industry, the program setting will also be different. In the actual processing, more planning and setting are required. parameter. If the ink pressure is not enough, it will directly affect the work effect. It is recommended to have a comprehensive treatment to avoid other safety issues that affect the coding effect.

The third problem is the setting of the printer itself. If the main ink filter of the small character cij industrial inkjet printer is too severely clogged, it will also affect the overall operation effect. It is recommended to replace it regularly, and then check whether the microcontroller board is disturbed. You can try restarting and editing to protect the equipment. Safe operation. It is recommended that you have a comprehensive consideration in the actual processing, and troubleshoot in time, so that the coding equipment can operate stably and the coding effect is better.

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