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The solution of carton UV inkjet printer on the outer box

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-22

What is the solution for the carton UV cij printer on the outer packaging box? There are many types of inkjet printers, but not every inkjet printer is suitable for use on the outer box, so you must use the inkjet printer to For marking the identification information on the outsourcing box, it is necessary to select a suitable inkjet printer. At present, the marking UV inkjet printer can meet the overall solution of printing on the outer packaging and carton assembly line production line:

With the increase of labor costs, the carton sealing should also be semi-automatic It is replaced with an automatic carton sealing machine, so more convenient and stable coding equipment is needed. Release your hands and let the carton coding machine complete the last step. The carton inkjet printer adopts non-contact and wiring structure, which is suitable for various semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. It is convenient to change characters, can count, and provide dynamic data from time to time. The character size can be customized to suit your own models according to user needs. The maintenance cost is not high.

Automatic outer packaging box carton cij printer UV inkjet printer has a wide range of popularization, regardless of In any industry, the carton inkjet printer can adapt to its product material. Take the common printing information on the outer packaging carton. In order to better manage products, many companies will require identification information to be coded on the outer packaging of the carton. For example: manage barcodes and so on. It is convenient for anti-counterfeiting traceability, the source can be checked, and the whereabouts can be traced.

UV inkjet printer uses UV ink to print variable data content marking equipment. UV ink is a kind of ink that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry, and the content of inkjet printing has high adhesion, especially in the wide application of two-dimensional code information in anti-counterfeiting traceability, which makes the market demand for UV cij printers show a steady upward trend .

From the perspective of the application industry of the automatic outer packaging box carton inkjet printer UV cij printer: its main advantage lies in packaging identification and variable code printing, some common QR code information, one The logo content such as dimension code information, multi-line graphics and digital characters can be switched and printed in large format. It has the characteristics of fast printing speed and high resolution, which is very suitable for use in printing and packaging factories.

As a completely new modern technology for information storage, transmission and identification, the QR code can be scanned to view the basic information of the whole box of goods, including Product name, specification model, weight, batch, production date, place of production, name of manufacturer, etc.

Therefore, the advantages of the variable data QR code printed on the carton by the carton UV inkjet printer are generally as follows:


1. Equipped with imported Japanese Ricoh nozzles, which can print codes online at high speed. The piezoelectric imported nozzles are more exquisite in terms of printing accuracy, and the height can be set by yourself within a certain range . And the recognition rate is as high as 90% or more. In actual field applications, it is more suitable for mass production enterprises.

2. Multiple sets of print heads can be connected externally to meet the coding needs of enterprise users' production lines and save certain costs for enterprises.

3. Using imported environmentally friendly UV ink, the ink has strong adhesion, which can meet the applicability of a variety of printing materials. Can prevent scratches and waterproof to a large extent.

Finally, for many manufacturers in the packaging and printing industry, they can use carton UV inkjet printers to realize the identification information content on the carton. The emergence of carton UV inkjet printers has greatly improved productivity and reduced production costs for many manufacturers. It is recommended that manufacturers do not forget to purchase the corresponding consumable equipment when purchasing the carton inkjet printer. Because the two are mutually used. No specific ink consumables and even the best cij printers can not achieve the printing effect.

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