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The specific flow of laser marking machine factory testing installation steps

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-25

laser marking machine installation steps are as follows, The factory should follow some requirements) before sales to customers :

1, according to the number of production order to get the related materials.

2, about the parts get problem, must check whether the parts is unqualified, when get the accessories such as there are unqualified should be immediately reported to the superior leadership, returned to the warehouse, and timely replacement of the qualified parts.

3, installation must be clear record of the usage of each element and the number, the main purpose of the record is late for the convenience of maintenance service and the tracking of each element.

4, any problems encountered during the installation process must be timely reflection, so as to quickly solve, avoid by all means for a long time to respond, it will affect the normal use of the machine.

5, installation testing after the completion of the work whether can meet the requirements, if not up to standard is needed to adjust. Test content mainly includes: encoders, sensors, marking speed, stability and precision, marking effect, uninterrupted continuous testing.

6, record test results, each indicator should be truthfully record, because the standard is not to record

7, packaging equipment to the customer must check the equipment model, complete and clean appearance, matching accessories complete, at the same time I photograph and sent to the customer. Doing so increases the trust of customers and improve customer brownie points for us. That is about our laser marking machine series products related installation, testing, packaging and other related information demand, can let the user more intuitive understanding of the us, to give customers more security and trust.
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