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The text on the surface of the capsule can be printed with a laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-02

Generally speaking, there are three types of conventional laser marking machines: fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, and carbon dioxide laser marking machine.

Different lasers are suitable for different marking materials.

For example, fiber laser marking machine is suitable for all metal and some non-metal materials, carbon dioxide laser marking machine is suitable for non-metal materials, and ultraviolet laser marking machine is suitable for more demanding and more precise marking. Scenes.

Carbon dioxide and light are mainly used to avoid heating the object, so that the surface of the object changes, and the eye color changes.

But this kind of heating may destroy the chemical structure of the material, and the carbonization of the surface may not be smooth.

Therefore, there are certain limitations in its use, and it cannot be used in food, medicine, electronic chips, glass products and other industries on a large scale.

But the ultraviolet laser solves this problem.

More materials absorb more ultraviolet light, and the energy of ultraviolet light is greater.

Because the part of ultraviolet light converted into heat energy is very small, the impact on the material is far lower than that of optical fiber and carbon dioxide.

For most of the white plastics, it is better to use UV laser marking machine.

A clear and recognizable mark can be formed on the surface of the material.

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