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The things about the characters of machine maintenance: do you really know?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-25
The things about the characters of machine maintenance: do you really know? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 10 0

many businessmen after buying spurt the code machine small characters but don't know how to maintain, in use after a period of time is easy to appear a few problems, then businesses will doubt is purchased machine has a problem, but it really is because the machine itself? ( Ps: of course, does not rule out some merchants buy inferior machine) A lot of time because no regular maintenance equipment, and lead to the occurrence of this kind of problem. Like small make up before the TV at home, because home and no one in the long term, and lead to the TV is broken. Is because no one to use it, and to maintain, it finally makes for the decoration of the sitting room.

although faced with high temperature, summer thunderstorm weather, the influence of such factors as small characters used in summer jet. the need extra attention, but this is not to say that only need to pay attention to use in the summer, in use is also need to be aware of other seasons. Only small characters related to spurt the cij printer maintenance issues, to ensure that it can run normally, does not affect the spray printing effect, will not affect the use, not reduce the using life and so on, so small make up about a character under the share of machine maintenance of knowledge:

1, about the environment maintenance: running small characters spurt the code machine should avoid using in high temperature, damp place, if can't avoid this kind of situation so requires businesses to change this status, such as using electric fan, or desiccant to cooling and reduce the wet. Temperature is too high easy to fail, too wet also prone to failure. So also should choose when stored under dry and comfortable temperature space.

2, about the material aspects: small character spurt the code machine in use process is necessarily needed a material use, will inevitably encounter in the process of using evaporation occurs, in order to solve this problem advise businesses closed nozzle cover as possible at run time, and in connection parts of the nozzle cap to seal, of course also need timely ventilated take a breath, in order to avoid the buildup of gases. When running after the caps need to waste, so can reduce the rate of evaporation, spurt the cij printer consumables some cause of fire, when to save should stay away from the flame cigarette of avoid by all means, etc. , at the same time should prevent fire extinguishers fire protection devices, etc.

3, about the nozzle maintenance: small character cij printer nozzle to spray printing effect plays a decisive role, should avoid nozzle blocking and ensure the nozzle and the pipe is in detergent saturated state, the cleaner at the same time at the end of the spurt the code machine running after work should be sealed in time, avoid the influence line is blocked by the ink dry death.

4, about the power maintenance: try to make sure the small character spurt the code machine is normal switch machine, doing this can effectively reduce the risk of failure; Directly unplug the power supply of avoid by all means, not in order to facilitate rapid let its abnormal shutdown, one or two may not what effect, but in the long run will inevitably to spurt the code machine stability, service life, spray printing effect, at the same time easy to cause the nozzle blockage.

5, about the day-to-day cleaning: small character the use environment of spurt the code machine can't be controlled, so for daily cleaning work is unavoidable, should be periodically clean filter, nozzle, the nozzle, prone to congestion, such as long time accumulation of avoid by all means not to clean up.

in the lawsuit is to bring you knowledge about small characters of machine maintenance, in fact, any a spurt the cij printer is the need for regular maintenance of equipment, machines in use process will encounter this or that kind of small problems, but these problems can't be accumulated for a long time, need to solve in order to prolong the service life of machine.
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