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The three common problems of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-09

As a marking tool, cij printers are used in many industries. Its development prospects and platforms are very good. At present, more and more packaging industries will not buy it.< /p>

There is only one inkjet printer, so the utilization rate of cij printers in production and life is still very high. All kinds of small problems,

How to repair, I have summarized some of the main ones, and I will explain them one by one!

Question 1: What should I do if the nozzles and nozzles of the printer are always blocked?

First of all, the nozzle of the inkjet printer is very convenient to clean. If you clean it frequently, you can avoid the nozzle or nozzle clogging. Clean the nozzle when the machine is turned on and off to ensure that it is not

It will be blocked. Once it is blocked, first check if your inkjet printer has ink lines, but the ink lines are very biased and may be in different positions each time; we can try directly on the machine first

Operate on the device, and open the nozzle by exhausting, flushing, and repeatedly opening and closing the nozzle. This method is very useful in most cases, so it saves the trouble of cleaning the nozzle. If it doesn't work, only the nozzle can be removed and cleaned. If there is no ink line, only the nozzle can be removed and cleaned.

Question two: How to maintain the printer to prevent it from skipping codes?

The performance of the inkjet printer is still very stable, and there is generally no leakage or code skipping. If it happens that the printer receives a printing signal from the product sensor, the printer will print a message in the corresponding position of the product. If you find a missing print, you can check whether the sensor is installed properly and whether the sensitivity setting is correct. The 'jumping

code' phenomenon is mainly caused by the photoelectric sensor of the inkjet printer. This action state can be solved by adjusting the sensing sensitivity or using a fiber optic sensor with higher sensitivity.

Question 3: The handwriting printed by the inkjet printer is not clear, how to fix it?

There are many external factors that affect the print quality of the printer: for example, the installation position of the print head, the distance between the print head and the product being printed, or a layer of condensation on the product being printed

Wait, so always pay attention to maintaining the printer at all times. Frequent cleaning and dust removal to improve the printing quality of the inkjet printer.

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