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The unique characteristics of the UV laser marking machine can just meet the needs of the jewelry industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-30
What are the characteristics of UV laser marking machine? The high-precision characteristics of the UV laser marking machine are very suitable for realizing wear-resistant permanent marking on the surface of precious and small jewelry such as rings and necklaces, and will not damage the surface of the marked products. In today's jewelry market, personalized and unique markings are favored by customers, such as marking special meaning text, letters, and personalized patterns on jewelry. In addition, the UV laser marking machine can also achieve various markings on the surface of most materials such as copper, stainless steel, silver, and gold. As an advanced processing equipment, UV laser marking machine has fast processing speed and high efficiency. It can carry out non-contact marking processing without any material loss to jewelry products. Moreover, the marking patterns and texts are fine and beautiful, durable and durable. Anti-counterfeiting and counterfeit goods. In addition, the marking method of the UV laser marking machine is also very flexible, and the operation is quite simple. You only need to enter the specified text or pattern in the software, and the laser marking machine can immediately mark the desired mark in a few seconds. Effect. In this way, the individual and unique needs of customers have also been well met.
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