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The use and working principle of UV laser coding machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-14

The principle is that the laser energy of the UV laser coder evaporates on the surface of the target material, exposing the deep layer of the material, thereby 'engraving' the desired pattern text, which is just a long-term printed mark by using the laser coder in each On the surface of this material, the meaning of the anti-counterfeiting cij printer is not that the cij printer itself can be anti-counterfeiting, but that the inkjet printer is set through the software function to realize variable printing information, so that the product forms a single ID code encoding information.

Learning cij printer repair not only makes laser coder and equipment repair fast, but also keeps the production line up and running, it shows the printer manufacturer's convenience and reasonable scheduling, so , It is very important to learn how to repair the printer, and attitude is everything. 'Many people have heard that in the application and maintenance of marking machines, people will encounter various problems, some of which are within the range of people's cognitive ability, and have been Solve the breadth of this problem.

After Z, I suggest that in daily work, the focus of laser marking machine maintenance should not be ignored, in order to better enable laser marking The laser marking machine can play a better performance of the laser marking machine. The laser marking machine belongs to professional industrial processing equipment. It is used for a long time and is prone to accidents. When printing marks on metal materials such as fluorescent lamps and LED energy-saving lamps, it is necessary to choose Micro marking machine for metal materials.

Laser marking machine is different from other machines, its basic principle is to rely on electrostatic induction deflection, there must be a good grounding device, in the cable factory, etc. For equipment with large and medium power consumption, it should be prepared for the switching power supply of the Ups power supply system to avoid the confusion of the marking machine, and the switching power supply is destroyed. If the commercial insurance of the marking machine has been burned, please try to replace the same specification and type In terms of after-sales service, you can also understand the actual situation and characteristics of service outlets through intuitive factory inspection and comparison, and in future use, coding work can be more effective In the event of a failure, it can be processed at the first time and completed.

The auto parts manufacturing industry can choose according to the type of product or the color tone of the product surface (dark blue , light yellow, milky white UV laser marking machine color, etc.) color paste marking machine, for printing marks and time on raw eggs, choose a high analysis marking machine, which can be food grade stainless steel black ink or small character printer, production line Faster, you must choose an idle marking machine with a faster printing speed, when printing the side of a mineral water bottle stopper, you need to choose a small character printer, or buy a material-based laser printing machine.

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In the cable and wire industry, due to its diversity, laser printers that can apply non-ferrous metal pastes are usually selected. After a short time or even a few days after printing the marking, these perpendicular to the laser direction Cracks will form new cracks that extend near the original mark to form debris, affecting the clarity of the mark, the cost of the mark applied by the marking machine should be effective: when buying a marking machine, not only look at the price of the equipment, but also consider The incident maintenance and cost of the laser coding machine, and its consumables are all within the scope of consideration.

In the past, the laser coding machine was not the choice for coding. Many disadvantages, laser marking machine include high purchase cost, large and heavy equipment, difficult installation, high maintenance cost of IC automatic laser marking machine, high laser safety, However, nowadays, the defects of the old laser printing system have been replaced by advanced technology and new laser coding system, more and more companies are paying attention to and using laser coding, they have started to realize the laser coding The machine can bring many benefits, such as: no consumables, no maintenance costs, short system downtime, environmental protection, etc.

The working principle of the laser marking machine is to collect laser light with a very high energy density on the surface of the object to be marked, burn the surface of the object through burning and etching, and control the precise Ground firing of laser beams, effective displacement of laser beams, engraving patterns or text.

According to the different forms of identification, laser coding equipment can be divided into two types: scribing and dot matrix. At present, most laser coding equipment on the market is scribing. , and Marken's laser coding equipment uses the new dot matrix technology residency technology. The laser Leadtech Coding machine mainly scribes the trajectory of the characters to be marked, and the dot matrix laser machine scribes some important trajectory points of the characters to be recognized. Therefore, at the same energy case, the new dot matrix laser encoder prints faster.

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