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The use of optical fiber laser marking machine need to pay attention to some details

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-20
Optical fiber laser marking machine is a kind of efficient green marking equipment, because the laser marking machine has fast non-contact processing, marking speed and marking and other significant characteristics of clear, soon becomes the mainstream of marking equipment market. In the use of optical fiber laser marking machine, there are still some details need to pay attention to: 1. It is strictly prohibited in optical parts surface contact hand, cotton yarn and hard objects. Prohibited by mouth blows away the headlamp unit. Only ears ball can be used to remove dust, pollution, and long fiber absorbent cotton or lens paper wiped gently. 2. Laser is an optical, mechanical and electrical technology as an emerging subject, the precision equipment, operating and maintenance personnel must possess professional knowledge and technology. Every once in a while for the daily maintenance and check whether the medium diaphragm is clean, whether the imbalance, laser rod end is polluted, water is clean and so on. 3. In order to ensure the equipment can run effectively for a long time, shut down every 8 hours 20 minutes ( Or when the equipment when not in use, please shut down) To ensure that the equipment can effectively fails, and prevent overheating resulted in equipment and machinery for a long time of use for a long time. 4. Laser tag equipment for environmental requirements of the optical element is higher, the humidity in the air and dust should not be too big, can't be strong interference and vibration source. Equipment installation conditions usually need to keep a separate closed workshop, the ground should use the ground paint or ceramic tile, suggest to install air conditioning.
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