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The use of small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-30
The meaning of small character cij printer is that in the process of inkjet, the function of inkjet is small characters, then the inkjet is the date, and there are very small characters. In the days, you will find that the production date on many chocolates is very small, and it is also very clear, especially for many high-end chocolates. So what are the advantages of small character cij printers? First of all, the most common advantage is that in the font size, many food packages are very small, so such a small package must be so small that many tube inkjet printers cannot meet the actual inkjet coding, so the small character inkjet printer can solve the problem in the production process. There are many problems that cannot be solved by inkjet printers. No matter what the instrument, no matter what the equipment, the price cannot be linked to the volume. Small character inkjet printers are more advanced in technology, more precise in design and production process, so it is very common for the price to be more expensive. Things. Not only in the production of raw food, but also in many small cakes or small daily necessities, small character inkjet printers are required for coding, so the scope of use is very wide, and the current market conditions are also very good.
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