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The usefulness of file boxes printer? How to choose and buy file box printer? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-13
Archives work, you still use handwritten cover and back now, still use stickers to stick paper? Small make up today to tell you a simple and convenient, economic and reasonable, clear and beautiful methods: - the use of independent research and development production - - - - - - 【 File box printer 】 , can be in any specification file boxes printed text, either front or back, can be directly printed, clear, counterpoint. You might say that such a machine is mature stable? Good operation? You rest assured, our company has research and development production in this field for more than a decade, is the 【 File box printer 】 Have also been put on the market for 5 years, after all units and departments, companies use and review, machine has been very mature and stable quality, simple operation, convenient and quick. About the machine, its appearance size, only: 87 * 67 * 63 cm; Can completely satisfy the inside in the office; 【 File box printer 】 In printing, little noise, and currently used by ordinary desktop printers as decibels, completely will not affect the normal work of everybody in the office. What do you worry, whether there will be odor, environmental protection? Our printers, ink using a dedicated file box, is my company according to the materials of the archives box research and development production, printing on the file box, not only clear, and there is no any peculiar smell, the environmental protection. Solve the sounds and smells, and if you still worry about now everybody care about light pollution? My company's' File box laser printing machine 】 Use of direct contact inkjet printing way, without any light, it will only silent will give you the print task completed. , odor pollution, light pollution, sound pollution are completely overcome, you should be able to believe that this' File box laser printing machine 】 Completely suitable for use in offices. For a unit with file boxes need to print, so a machine, whether can meet your needs? At present many units, either to handwritten, stickers; Or to some advertising companies to be responsible for sorting, such as copying; Way, complex operation, and not beautiful, the efficiency is low; Second way is convenient, but money, money is money, ( The advertising company, and most are using our machine) 。 Moreover, to others to do, aging can't guarantee, always can't be myself more at ease operation. Say so many, you still hesitating? Good, hesitation means that you still want to understand, welcome to inquire: 400831692, 13265335569. We have professional customer service will give you patiently explain in detail, and we have a lot of customers, if you like, the customer is willing to buy machines, both of you can communicate with each other, and the use of in-depth discussion on the performance of the machine. Well, today's explanation, just here, welcome each customer details about consulting. After, also didn't say, buy the machine, our company is a free training machine operation, church, after-sale guaranteed.
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